About Us

Randhawa, Inc. is an architectural and construction firm that specializes in designing and building high end quality homes in the Washington DC metropolitan area. 

Randhawa, Inc is a family-run business who's principle architects have successfully designed residential houses and commercial buildings in the Metro area for over 40 years, as well as constructed houses in Maryland and Virginia for 35 years.  Over this time we have compiled an eclectic portfolio from urban single family dwellings near metro stations, customs 10,000 sq ft + houses all over McLean and Potomac, a Vineyard estate and even a 20,000+ sq ft house overlooking the Potomac River.

Randhawa, Inc. is able to pass its expertise and understanding on to you, the client, not only through knowledge and skill in design and construction, but through years of experience in vetting out reliable, dependable sub-contractors (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, masons, painters, landscapers, etc.) as well as finding quality vendors for the materials and fixtures for your home at the best prices and warranties. 

Randhawa, Inc. is unique in that we are licensed architects, builders and real estate agents.  We have full knowledge of every stage of the design and construction of a home.  We can not only design and build to any specification but our understanding of the construction process combined with our architectural experience allows us to provide you with unique designs that can be built on a realistic budget.  

Our Spec homes are not your typical builder house.  Our quality of material and design techniques were developed on very high end and expensive homes over many years.  We design unique houses that are one of a kind homes.  

Randhawa, Inc. prides itself on customer satisfaction by delivering a functional, well designed home that is constructed with the highest quality.  Our business model of providing excellent service and high quality products has given us continued success and growth for many years. 

Along with our design and build services, we offer the services of an in house licensed realtor to find and acquire your ideal lot.  We are truly a one stop, turnkey solution for the lot acquisition, design and construction of your home.